Rising stars reveal hidden advantage of custom homes.

We all have hopes and dreams.

For many people that means designing, building and living in their own luxury custom home at their perfect location.

Sounds pretty nice – right?!

But no matter how much you’re saying ‘yes – that makes perfect sense’ you might be thinking a new luxury custom home is out of reach.

Or like many of the people that contact us, you’re looking for a new home but aren’t impressed by what you’ve seen from the big project builders that have commoditised the Australian dream of owning a home.

Sure, it’s tempting to build from a book of plans to get what you want quickly and cheaply.

But that can lead to compromises once you’re committed.

So if you are looking for a new home, you have two choices: learn to live with annoyances or get creative.

In our experience it’ pretty clear going custom eliminates annoyance and can actually reduce cost.

Remember – it’s your dream home, not someone else’s.

So what is a luxury custom home?

Put simply, it’s your new home built exactly how you’d like it. The trendy term these days is bespoke.

Unlike the big builders who want you to follow their set packages and plans, a custom home allows you to design a beautiful living space that suits your taste and requirements.

Still not convinced?!

Trusting your new home to a custom designer and builder has many advantages.


A custom home is a proud investment in modern living, perfectly suited to your individual needs.


Custom homes are the most flexible approach to achieving your desired specifications.


Select your every detail with full input in every stage of the process.


The best blocks are often the most challenging, so maximise your location and it’s features with an innovative solution.


Custom doesn’t mean expensive, it means cost-effective – build around your budget and get what you want.

Bring out your fussy and experience the finer things in life with maximum control over fixtures, fittings and appliances.


Go green and minimise your environmental footprint with an energy efficient home using the latest sustainable materials and technology.

Change your existence

James Michael Homes is a low-volume, high-quality boutique custom home designer and builder.

We only build a limited number of houses per year, so our focus and attention is aimed at delivering your dream home to a level of finish you’d only expect from the best in the business.

You won’t deal with any salesmen forcing you into their set designs.

Our designer will help you discover the ultimate in style, function and practicality to maximise the lifestyle you want.

Built for the way you live

From concept to construction, we are with you every step of the way to ensure your custom home takes form with stunning results.

That’s why designing and building your dream home with us, is such a liberating and enriching experience.

We’re here to help you create a living environment that reflects your individuality and family values.

Let your imagination run with James Michael Homes.

Your custom home experts

Call us now to discuss how the rising stars in luxury custom homes can make your dreams a reality.

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