Idea to Concept | Designer Homes Explained | Part 1

Ideation: the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas

Since launching in 1999 British television series Grand Designs has built a cult following around the world.

At the same time, Australia’s obsession with reality TV shows about designing and building properties has soared.

We love nothing more than tuning in at night to surreptitiously follow someone else’s over-reaching creativity to see if they can make it a reality – on time and on budget – or fail.

When it comes to new ideas, anyone planning to design and build a custom home is certainly spoilt for choice these days.

However, the truly stunning and brilliant homes we see on TV have used a disciplined approach for turning ideas into concepts.

This is the difference between a good designer and a great designer.

Only a great designer has the knack for helping people move their ideas from ‘uncontrolled enthusiasm’ to visualising a concept that truly meets their individual needs and desires.

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, then choosing a great designer is the most important decision you’ll ever make.

As Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs says, a great designer will

“deliver so much more value for money in your design, it’s as though their services come entirely for free”

How do you turn a lot of creative ideas into a unique, yet feasible concept?

To get the innovative home you want, it is very important at the early stages of idea generation to decide what kind of ideas you will choose to actually implement.

A great designer will guide you through an evaluation phase to end up with an innovative, yet realistic living solution.

When choosing a designer, ask them what the process will be.

At JMH we take people on the following journey:

‘Tell us about your dream home’
‘What lifestyle goals do you have’
‘Innovations to make life more convenient’
‘Uplifting examples of custom homes and designs’
‘Practical and functional must-haves’

Be prepared to provide your own constructive input – even great designers can not read minds.

Create some needs and goals. Write down and cluster your ideas into themes. Try grouping similar ideas and concepts. Provide examples. Be honest when judging ideas and their practicality.

Question your assumptions. Keep an open mind and willingness to hear other people’s ideas.

Compare ideas using a strong set of criteria, not vague words such as ‘best’. Seemingly crazy ideas may reveal themselves to be the most useful.

Have fun

Designing a new home involves generating and exploring many different ideas.

Peoples tell us this initial step is the most enjoyable.

The key is to imagine, dream and allow all ideas to flow.

It provides an opportunity for you and your designer to contribute and discuss as many possible scenarios and opportunities as you can – and trim those down to concepts you could possibly build.

Remember: brainstorming ideas should be fun, allowing you and your designer to connect and develop a relationship, and design a custom home solution in a rewarding and positive environment.

Looking for a designer?

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