Concept to Design | Designer Homes Explained | Part 2

‘When choosing a custom home company, ask to see some renderings of previous projects’

A house must be designed before it is built and a great architect will accurately convey your ideas in their design plan, a process known as a rendering.

To see your new dream home come alive with rendering is like the thrill and excitement of test-driving a new luxury car – a kind of try-before-you-buy.


Rendering is perhaps one of the most important aspects of ensuring you achieve the custom home you want.

It’s an interactive experience allowing people to see what their concept designs will look like in real life. Thanks to computer technology, these days the impact of rendering is dramatic.

Architectural rendering is the art of creating two or three-dimensional coloured images or even animations, showing in full detail the features of a proposed house design.

Renderings are usually created for presentation, marketing and design analysis purposes – a virtual ‘test drive’ of your new luxury home and features.


Today most renderings are generated by a computer using modeling software or other design software for presentation purposes.

Rendering techniques vary between architects. Some methods create simple flat images or images with basic shadows. A popular technique uses sophisticated software to approximate accurate lighting and materials.

Creating photo-realistic architectural renderings requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Importantly, their strength relies on how well the architect consulted with you during the initial Idea-to-Concept stage. So speak-up if you feel you are not being listened to, or find a better company to deal with.


Our goal is to ensure people can experience, visualise and analyse their design before it is built.

Designing and building a luxury custom home is a sophisticated process with little room for error.

Any change, big or small, when construction is underway means extra money.

So we want people to have an accurate vision of their new home, before we start digging.


A good architectural rendering which is smart and elaborate gives spirit to a custom design plan and is exciting for clients to see inside their new home.

Talking to your architect and adding minor details to your renderings can be time-consuming, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Some of the smallest details have the greatest impact on the realism of the rendering, decision-making process and final approval – saving you time and money in the long run.

Dream it. Design it. Do it.

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That’s why designing and building your dream home with us, is such a liberating and enriching experience.

We’re here to help you create a living environment that reflects your individuality and family values.

Let your imagination run with James Michael Homes.

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